Accumulation conveyors for FIFO and LIFO applications

Accumulation conveyors for FIFO and LIFO applications

Optimize your production output with a perfectly balanced flow

Production flows with accumulation ensure that the machines in the production line operate at full capacity

A perfectly balanced flow optimizes your production output. FlexLink solutions let the line breathe and avoid queuing. It is also easy to distribute the flow and ensure that the right amount of product arrives on time at the downstream machines. FlexLink offers several functions for balancing production lines, with both FIFO and LIFO configurations. 

Accumulation conveyors and buffers increase your line efficiency

Accumulating conveyors can temporarily store products in a process, for example, between machines with different cycle times. Accumulation conveyors (buffers) are also needed when downstream machines need to be stopped. This must be differentiated from a dynamic production flow or line balancing, which is achieved by matching the production of the machines upstream with the machines downstream. 

An accumulation conveyor momentarily holds a product in place before it’s released to the next phase in a production process. This ensures that all machines in the production line operate at full capacity. 

The in-line accumulator is always included in the transport path of a production line, while a by-pass accumulator is connected to the transport path when only temporary accumulation is needed. 

Accumulation conveyor helps balancing the line
Buffer table

Types of accumulation conveyors

A conveyor with accumulation capability will reduce the effects of machinery failures. It will accumulate the products from one machine while the next machine in the line is being repaired or adjusted.

  • Alpine conveyors
  • Buffer tables (Bi-Flow or tri-flow buffer tables)
  • Dynamic buffers
  • By-pass buffer lines
  • Other buffer types available on request

These solutions can be used for many different products and forms such as boxes, bags, tubes, flowpacks, cans, or doypacks. Accumulation conveyors and buffers should not be needed in well-balanced production lines. If you change your machine setup, the right solution depends on your product and process. Our experts will support you to find the best solution.

Alpine conveyors are the buffer zone for your production line

The spiral-shaped accumulating conveyor (alpine conveyor) functions as an accumulation/buffer zone between machines. It can also be used as an in-process step, e.g., for cooling or drying or simply to elevate and lower products. This type of accumulating conveyor is used inline or as a bypass.

Benefits of using alpine conveyors

The accumulation zone is a simple yet efficient way of connecting production lines that operate at varying speeds. The accumulation zone also provides the possibility to have bottleneck machines running continuously.

Many manufacturing processes require time for cooling or drying or other in-process steps before further processing can take place. An alpine conveyor is a very compact way of obtaining a long cooling/drying distance.

Alpine conveyor used as accumulation zone