Spiral Conveyors

Spiral conveyors increase available production floor space

Transport products vertically with the perfect balance of height and footprint

Spiral conveyors lift your line to a new level

Spiral elevators from FlexLink are our compact and adaptable conveyor solutions for up or down elevation. They ensure a continuous product flow while lifting is as reliable and straightforward as horizontal conveying.

Elevating product handling

The purpose of the spiral elevator conveyor is to transport products vertically, bridging a difference of height. The spiral conveyor can lift the line to create space on the production floor or function as a buffer zone. The spiral-shaped conveyor is the key to its uniquely compact construction that saves valuable floor space.

Our spiral elevating solutions work perfectly in filling and packing lines. Possible applications of spiral elevators range from handling individual parcels or totes to items such as shrink-wrapped bottle packs or cartons. 

Customer advantages 

  • Compact footprint 
  • Modular & standardized
  • Gentle product handling
  • Low noise level
  • Different infeed and outfeed configurations
  • Elevation up to 4 meters
  • Different chain types and options
Spiral Conveyors lift the line
Spiral Elevator: Maximum height on a compact footprint

Maximum height on a compact footprint

A spiral elevator is a perfect balance of height and footprint, combined with a wide and flexible speed range. Our spiral-shaped conveyors ensure a continuous product flow while the elevation is as simple and reliable as a normal straight conveyor.

Easy installation and trouble-free operation

The FlexLink spiral elevator is a fully functioning module that is easy to engineer according to your needs. It features a high friction plastic top chain with integrated bearings on a steel chain base, that runs against an inner guide rail. This solution ensures smooth running, low noise and long service life. Transfers to and from connecting conveyors are made easy with horizontal in- and outlet sections. Our spiral conveyors are the perfect solution for lifting or lowering of:

  • Packed or non-packed products 
  • Product carriers such as pucks or cartons
  • Small boxes, parcels and crates 
  • Product sizes up to 200×250×300 mm

Compact Spiral elevator - ups and downs by purpose

Our minimum footprint elevating solution, the Compact Spiral elevator, increases your access to the production floor and available space. With only 585 mm in diameter, the unique Compact Spiral elevator conveyor offers a 40% smaller footprint than the most common solutions on the market. It allows manufacturers to significantly increase available production floor space by elevating and lowering products up to 2900 mm over the floor.

The Compact Spiral elevator from FlexLink is made to fit your existing production line. The integration of two compact spiral conveyors provides space for your forklifts. Our standardized and modular spiral conveyor is ready for operation within a few hours. It also ensures smooth running, low noise, and long service life.

Discover the Compact Spiral
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