Conveyors for a smooth production flow in the automotive industry

Conveyors for a smart production flow in the automotive industry

Ensuring reliable processes for automotive parts manufacturing

Industrial automation for enhanced mass flow and single piece flow

The automotive industry has been a thriving industry for many years. It is an industry with high delivery requirements and often tight margins. Effective and well-functioning automated production flow solutions are key to staying profitable and meeting the customers’ ever-increasing demands on the automotive industry. The next decade will also enforce digital solutions and sustainable processes.

FlexLink solutions help OEMs and TIER suppliers in the automotive industry meet their key success factors.

Eliminate production stops to meet tight margins and stay profitable

At first, we carefully go through the specifications of our industrial automation customers to find the most suitable solution. We want to understand the products, the weight, cycle times, and fluids involved in the different operations. We are familiar with the industry. We know how the different processes work and what type of machines are used in the production line. To deliver effective and well-functioning solutions required in the automotive industry, a comprehensive understanding of the industry and its needs is fundamental.

If you are looking for the right automation solution for the automotive industry, you might consider several factors. Evaluate the production machines and their operations carefully to balance the production line and avoid bottlenecks. At FlexLink, we have specialists to assist you on all stages of the evaluation process.

Some questions of a typical evaluation process

  • Are pallets required, or should the products be placed directly on the conveyor track?
  • How should the machines be placed in the factory plant to facilitate the product flow and ensure accessibility and productivity?
  • What information do you want to obtain from the systems, products and processes?
Eliminate production stops to meet tight margins and stay profitable
Avoid bottlenecks with a balanced production line

Avoid bottlenecks with a balanced production line

High quality and accessibility

FlexLink creates intelligent, single-piece flow applications by combining the pallet system with our line control. The result is a controllable process characterized by standardized, continuous flow, minimized work-in-progress (WIP) and a high throughput that lets you focus on value-adding-time. 

Reducing total cost of ownership

FlexLink’s efficient solutions with low operating costs have a significant impact on the total cost of ownership (TCO). Because of the lean design of the line, there are fewer production disturbances, less maintenance and longer service life, all of which lower TCO. Higher speeds and capacities allow increased throughput and reduced cost per produced unit as well.

FlexLink solutions in the automotive industry

If you are planning to upgrade your production facilities, FlexLink can deliver the right solutions: 

  • Proven solutions for routing, track and tracing, balancing, and positioning enable controlled production flows.
  • Satellites for parallel operations using innovative tunnel stations and functions for diverting, locating, and merging flows.
  • Intelligent pallet transport systems with RFID integration.
  • Smart planning and simulation tools.
  • Efficient cost analysis and reduced TCO, fast return on investment (ROI), and easy installation.
  • Strong engineering and digitization capabilities within Coesia group companies.
FlexLink solutions in the automotive industry

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