Conveying solutions with a vision

Conveying solutions with a vision

Space-saving efficiency for the optical industry

Keep an eye on FlexLink's conveying solutions

In the optical industry, there are several keys factors to success and with FlexLink’s solutions, here is how we can help give you a competitive edge.

FlexLink can help you to achieve a major increase in capacity and make the transition to an automated laboratory while decreasing labor costs.

Quality and precision for maximum output and yield

FlexLink’s Smart Routing™ concept automatically routes trays containing the lens blanks to the blocking, polishing, and beveling machines for processing that precisely follows the optical prescription instructions. With 100% process control, this high level of automation greatly reduces throughput time and breakage, which lowers your overall costs.

Specialized technology

FlexLink has special teams working with new technologies specifically for improving lab performance and lowering costs. For example, FlexLink Visualize™ system has been developed to allow labs to go paperless, along with VisionX®, which is a modular space-saving solution specifically developed for the optical industry.

Quality and precision
Low noise, high stability and gentle handling of sensitive products

Low noise, high stability and gentle handling of sensitive products

Some optical labs have worked with several devices using compressed air. But they create noise, complexity, dust and higher maintenance requirements. FlexLink offers electric systems instead of pneumatic ones. A system without using compressed air is extremely quiet. 

In addition to a low noise level, our systems provide advantages such as stability and gentle handling of sensitive products. They require all the machines to be placed closely together, which saves a lot of space in the optical labs. 

Combining all these features enables a high level of standardization with high flexibility in tray handling. With a modular product range, we can also provide an access gate through the line or simultaneously elevate the conveyors to transfer the products between different levels.

Download our brochure about the future of optical lab automation with the OPTILAB X. 

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