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Project fulfillment

Certainly, FlexLink has competitors offering similar products, but few have the long-term, in-depth experience that FlexLink can offer when it comes to project fulfillment. It has to do with many things, like FlexLink’s very origin as a production efficiency project at the world-leading bearing manufacturer, SKF, which has continued to be the company’s focus since the start in 1980.  At its very core, FlexLink is project-oriented – it’s merely a natural way of working for us.

Proven process

FlexLink also has a proven process for project fulfillment. One key to its success is alignment, which means that everyone who participates in the process or affects it has received training and is committed to a uniform way of working both geographically and over time. Of course, FlexLink still strives to continually improve and achieve ever-increasing levels of optimal performance, which it monitors via satisfaction surveys and performance contracts.

Project fulfillment at FlexLink is handled by highly skilled professionals who work closely with customers soon after an order has been received, covering the project planning and design stages, assembly, installation & ramp up, and through project closure. Many of them are either PMP or IPMA certified and FlexLink also heavily invests in further skill development via its live and e-learning training.