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Setting new standards

In the food industry, there are several keys factors to success and with FlexLink’s solutions, here is how we can help give you a competitive edge.

Facilitating rapid new product introductions

FlexLink provides systems that are easy to design, assemble, integrate into machines and eventually modify and redesign, which greatly facilitates new product introductions.

Reducing total cost of ownership

FlexLink’s efficient solutions with low operating costs have a significant impact on total cost of ownership. Because of the lean design of the line, there are fewer production disturbances, less maintenance and a longer service life, all of which lower TCO. Higher speeds and capacities give increased throughput and reduced cost per produced unit as well.

Meeting higher standards for food safety and worker protection

For worker protection, FlexLink has designed equipment with low noise level and eliminated sharp corners, edges, pinch points and heavy lifts.
For food safety, FlexLink’s hygienic design following 3A and EHEDG prevents scratches and other damage, which keeps bacteria, pathogens and other contaminants out, thus lengthening shelf life.

FlexLink solutions in the food industry

  • WLX conveyor platform with hygienic design for wet and dry processes in primary and secondary packaging.
  • ​Patented Dynamic Flow Concept (DFC™) and Dynamic Motion Transfer (DMT™) diverters, mergers and combiners. Directs product flows to specific machines for packaging variants and balances the capacity for high machine uptime reaching a higher OEE.


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  • Lowering of milk cartons with wedge conveyor.
  • Cheese packed in crates with pick and place robots.
  • Stainless steel conveyor meeting high demands on hygiene.
  • Solution to combine flows from two cheese packaging machines with minimal risk of squashing or blocking products.
  • Palletize with consistent quality and precision.
  • Applying the right technology with a smart mindset will result in a fast, stable, and accurate production flow. This highly contributes to the reduction of production time and the cost of manufactured products.

  • We help you reduce the number of re-cleans by up to 90%.