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Lab automation solutions

In the clinical lab automation industry, there are several keys factors to success and with FlexLink’s specimen routing and handling solutions, you will get a competitive edge. We provide clinical lab solutions for efficient and seamless specimen routing and handling in the pre-analytic, analytic and post analytic processes.

Laboratory automation: specimen handling

FlexLink has tailored solutions for minimal manual handling of specimen, which reduces errors and increases efficiency. You can instantly route specimens at decision points where a result is read and accurately track throughout the entire process.

Modular automation of laboratories

Make changes in your lab automation process over time, quickly and easily, according to your needs. For example, our pucks (carriers) can be readily customized for different containers or vials. The lab automation solutions are modular, which enables stepwise increases of lab capacity and makes layout changes and additions simple and affordable.

Small ecological footprint

FlexLink’s solutions lower energy consumption, reduce waste and increase reusability. Improvements to the laboratory work environment include reduced noise level and a higher level of operator safety, having eliminated sharp corners, edges, pinch points and heavy lifts.

FlexLink solutions in the lab automation industry

  • Use of vertical conveyors to free up floor space, while maintaining high capacity.
  • Small belt conveyor X45 ensures gentle handling of the product, a low noise level and less energy consumption, as well as compliance with various regulations.