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Efficient, reliable and flexible flow

For production of personal care products, there are several keys factors to success and with FlexLink’s solutions, here is how we can help give you a competitive edge.

Rapid time-to-market

FlexLink’s solutions are designed so you can quickly adapt to meet changes in demand and handle many product variants simultaneously, with minimum resetting time. Flexibility and modularity also make adaptation to production line changes easy to design, commission and eventually modify and upgrade, which greatly facilitates new product introductions.

Maximum sellable throughput

FlexLink’s solutions aim to achieve maximum sellable throughput and they can be used for all types of products, regardless of the size, shape or fragility, handling them either directly on the conveyor or using pucks and carriers. For example, FlexLink has solutions for moving empty bottles from the unscrambler onto a vacuum conveyor for filling, then along to a palletizer with case conveyors where shipping is carefully prepared. We provide tangible benefits by limiting damage to product and ensuring smooth transitions between machines, i.e. maximum uptime.

Efficiency and waste reduction

Efficiency and waste reduction are achieved in a variety of other ways (besides limiting damage to product), such as higher operator efficiency, via FlexLink’s smart layouts that offer better access. Re-usability is another way that FlexLink is able to reduce waste, which it achieves through the modular design of its equipment, long service life and the use of recyclable materials. FlexLink has also significantly improved the work environment by lowering the noise level and increasing operator safety by, for example, eliminating heavy lifts, sharp corners and pinch points.

FlexLink solutions for personal care production

  • Optimal line balancing through our patented Dynamic Flow Concept (DFC ) and Dynamic Motion Transfer (DMT) for high speed handling.
  • Proven conveyor and handling solutions with optimized design to minimize product damage, and be resistant to wear.