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In the tobacco industry, there are several keys factors to success, and with FlexLink’s solutions, here is how we can help give you a competitive edge.

Solutions for all product and packaging variations

FlexLink’s conveyor solutions can handle multiple products and packaging variations. Our offer extends from cigarettes and cigars to filters and smokeless tobacco – for the packet, carton, and case handling systems with track and trace features and end of line palletizing.

Global partner

FlexLink offers complete systems for all stages of growth, providing flexible, efficient, and safe solutions, starting from layout to project management, installation, commissioning, training, and local service support. As modifications are required, we’ll be ready to assist you with step-by-step investments that follow product lifecycles.

Reducing total cost of ownership and ecological footprint 

FlexLink’s efficient solutions with low operating costs have a significant impact on the total cost of ownership. Because of the lean design of the line, there are fewer production disturbances, less maintenance, and longer service life, all of which lower TCO. Higher speeds and capacities give increased throughput and reduced cost per produced unit as well.

FlexLink’s solutions are also efficient in terms of energy consumption and waste, noise reduction, and operator safety, which significantly improve the work environment and reduces your ecological footprint.

FlexLink solutions in the tobacco industry

  • The flocked chain introduced to a conveyor system to prevent damage and scratching to fragile cigarette packs and feed them to the packaging machine.
  • Complete tray handling system for filters. Managing trays from tray loader for curing, buffering, upstream/downstream machine production balancing, addressing filters to tray unloaders. End of line palletizing cell: A 18 bay case handling system handled by three robots, including robot cell, pallet supply, wrapping, labeling, safety equipment, and the controls.