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Preventive maintenance

Keep your installation optimized and minimize the risk for unplanned stops. By improving line availability, you increase the likelihood of reaching a higher OEE and throughput.

Service inspection

With service inspection, we will work with you to jointly determine the required maintenance for your line. The inspection protocol specifies the recommended actions, a spare parts list and the estimated time and cost.

Preventive maintenance

Have a FlexLink Service technician come by and carry out regular operational and maintenance checks within agreed intervals. The service also include necessary repairs and upgrades.

Maintenance training

Do you have your own maintenance personnel? We offer training programs for them that are both practical, i.e. "learning by doing" as well as theoretical. We prefer to hold such trainings at your site, close to the installation, but they can also be offered at your local FlexLink office.
Preventive maintenance for optimized production
Preventive maintenance for optimized production