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Conveyors for Pharmaceutical Industry standards, Pharma Automation Equipment

Conveyors designed for Pharmaceutical Industry standards

The production of high-quality pharmaceutical products and medical packaging requires highly efficient processing. Precise and sensitive product handling, as well as strict quality controls and traceability, put unique demands on automation processes.

Gentle handling of fragile products such as vials, syringes, or ampoules is a fundamental prerequisite. Simultaneously, automation solutions must ensure swift processing and compliance with strict regulations in the pharmaceutical industry. As conveyors provide transport, transfers, and buffering, it is critical that the automation process operates in a quick, precise, safe, and clean way.

Comprehensive offer for pharmaceutical processing

  • Line design and turnkey system delivery
  • Specialty handling for syringes, vials, and ampoules
  • Ideal for sterile, cold chain, and freeze dry products
    Solutions for pre-fill, packaging, and end-of-line
  • Solutions for line balancing and short-stoppage compensation
  • Various modules to elevate, accumulate, distribute, divert, pick-and-place
  • Integration with final packaging lines

Unique features and benefits

  • Clean, quiet, and efficient conveyors and robotic solutions
  • Configurations including built-in work stations, multi-level, multi-lane as well as gate system conveyors
  • Handling and buffering of large volumes gently and accurately
  • Operate at high speed
  • Scratch-free product packaging
  • Compliant with strict quality control requirements

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Benefits

FlexLink has three factory automation areas that are explicitly used in the pharmaceutical industry that provide various benefits.

The first benefit is a fast, cost-effective production start. FlexLink’s product flow solutions simplify pharma lines, reduce cost, installation, and ramp-up times.

The second is production efficiency. FlexLink helps lower production shortfalls and provides easy-to-follow flows that speed up line clearance and eliminate many production stops. These are proven in cGMP-regulated lines around the world.

Reliability is the third advantage. Global presence means that FlexLink can provide fast, worldwide implementation of standard, consistent, highly reliable pharmaceutical production lines.