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Pallet conveyors, single track

The single track pallet handling products are based on conveyor components from the standard conveyor lines. A pallet conveyor handles individual products on product carriers (pallets).

Configurable standard modules make it easy and fast to create simple as well as advanced layouts for routing, balancing, buffering and positioning of pallets. RFID identification in the pallets enables one piece track-and-trace and logistic control for the production line.

Product rangesingle track: X65P, X85P, XKP

Technical specifications

Pallet sizes (W×L)


100 mm × 128 mm
Maximum load on pallet: 3 kg


160 mm × 100 mm (136 mm)
160 mm × 125 mm (161 mm)
160 mm × 175 mm (211 mm)
160 mm × 225 mm (261 mm)
Maximum load on pallet: 10 kg


200 mm × 150 mm
250 mm × 225 mm
300 mm × 300 mm
Maximum load on pallet: 30 kg

Pallet elevator 

The pallet elevator allows lifting all standard pallets up- or downwards between two different levels. The lifting unit consists of a short XT Compact conveyor, transporting the pallet into or out of the elevator.
Two elevator heights can be ordered:

  • Low elevator
  • High elevator

A number of pallets can be elevated at the same time. ESD version elevators are available.

Product range, pallet elevator: X85, XK, XT pallet elevators.
Pallet conveyor systems
Pallet conveyor systems