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Case packing

A part of FlexLink's cobot offering is the collaborative case packer. Based on the standard palletizer RC10 cell, FlexLink's case packing solution adds value to the production process.

The case packer takes finished products from the middle of the production line and places them into a box, to continue on the same line, divert onto a different line or move to palletizing.

Product integration

The option to integrate the case packer directly into the production line increases the production line capacity by creating space within the facility. Where operators would traditionally stand next to a line to manually pack cases, the collaborative robot integrates with the line, reducing the amount of space used while continuing to achieve results.

Such a compact design increases the investment value by utilizing the available production space.

Operator safety

Through following ISO standard TS 15066 on collaborative robots, and extensive product testing, case packers from FlexLink give reassurance to operators about working safely alongside a collaborative robot.

Customized to meet individual production requirements, FlexLink's case packing solutions are available upon request.

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