FlexLink Compact Spiral

New heights and chain types for the compact spiral elevator

FlexLink extends its offer for the compact spiral elevator conveyor with additional height and chain options.

The compact spiral allows manufacturers to increase available production floor space significantly, elevating and lowering products up to 2900 mm over the floor. It can transport a wide variety of products and carriers, from parcels and small boxes to pucks and cartons.It is modular and easy to engineer according to production line needs. It is available with a friction top chain, flat friction top chain, and cleated chain. The spiral features an ultra-resistant slide rail with low friction.

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The compact spiral elevator ensures gentle product handling with a continuous and smooth, elevated production flow. It is offered in a variety of different infeed and outfeed configurations to enable flexible line design.

This standardized and modular FlexLink product can be installed within a few hours and ensures smooth running, low noise, and long service life. With its small footprint of 585 mm in diameter, the compact spiral elevator can also seamlessly integrate into an existing production line.

Technical specifications

  • Maximum load: max. 2 kg/m depending on height

  • Fixed speeds: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 m/min

  • Low noise level: 73 dB at 50 m/min

  • Drive units with motors at both ends

  • Chain or chain options with steel ball bearing and 85 mm width

  • Soft starter and motor protection

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