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Gentle handling of boxes and cartons

When one of Europe’s biggest tobacco groups bought a Polish company and introduced new machinery and process modifications, they also had to link them with the existing line. FlexLink with previous references in the Group, was chosen to deliver the integration.


To supply a gentle, flexible and easy to operate conveying equipment, eliminate manual packaging operations and maximize the use of floor space.

A turnkey solution, mounted in the roof and supplied with a special flocked chain to avoid scratches.

A modular system which enables easy and quick reconfiguration. Cost reduction through elimination of manual packaging operations.

Need for change

The newly installed machinery had to be combined into the process lines which required an important investment in conveying systems. The potential supplier had to meet several requirements, including system flexibility, elimination of manual packaging operations, and easy equipment operation.

"We put professional approach first" says the customer’s Specialist Designer. "A couple of bids had been placed, but we found that only FlexLink fully met our requirements. FlexLink offered state-of-the-art technology, combined with considerable experience in industrial automation integration solutions. Another advantage was the possibility to see the FlexLink systems in place at other plants abroad in our Group".

Gentle, scratch-free handling

The FlexLink delivery included box, carton and pack conveyor systems. Cigarette packs must be handled with extreme care to prevent damage and scratching, which is why a special flocked chain has been introduced to feed the fragile packages to the packaging machine.

The conveyors transfer cigarette boxes and packs at a height of 2,5 metres, which enables unobstructed use of the manufacturing area on floor level. The conveyors which collect cartons and packs from the packaging machine have been equipped with roller cleats to elevate the product to any required height. Friction chain has been installed at inclined sections to prevent load sliding.

No more manual packing

"FlexLink offered flexible, modular systems which enabled easy and quick reconfiguration. Such a solution is particularly desired for a tobacco plant, as production profiles change often in the business. Additionally, a considerable cost effectiveness factor has been introduced with the elimination of manual packaging operations". says the Specialist  Designer.

"FlexLink is a reliable and trustworthy contractor. No doubt we will apply to you for further systems engineering in the future" he concludes.