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Well equipped for the future

FlexLink delivered an automated conveyor system that met the customer’s needs of high flexibility, accessibility and excellent hygiene.

Equipment from the old factory needed to be installed together with the existing equipment in a very limited space, and within a short time frame.

FlexLink installed hygienic conveyors that used the entire volume of the factory while carefully handling the products.

The factory now produces double the volume without compromising on capacity, hygiene or flexibility.

Hygiene a top priority

The customer wanted to merge two production units into one, to gain large synergy effects. The products, which consisted of pancakes and crepes, were unpackaged and fragile and could not be moved from the conveyors after they had begun their journey through the factory. Naturally, hygiene was a top priority for this project. 

Need for a reliable supplier

The equipment needed to handle the high flow of products and have high accessibility. Due to the specific circumstances of merging two production units into one, they needed a supplier that could manufacture customized solutions. Another important factor was that the supplier had to manage the tight time schedule, for both moving the factory and to install the new equipment.

Limited space 

FlexLink solved the lack of space using the entire volume in the factory, by installing conveyors from floor to ceiling. Since the pancakes and crepes were unpacked and vulnerable it was of high importance that the handling of the products went smooth and friction-free. To ensure this, careful tests were made at FlexLink’s premises of the transition process from one conveyor to another. To meet the customer’s need of excellent hygiene, easy-to-clean conveyors were installed.

Detailed planning and close communication 

One challenge with this project was to make room for all the machines and conveyors in a limited space, and still deliver the required flexibility by connecting the fillers and packers according to the customer’s needs. Another challenge was the short time frame. There were six weeks to finish the whole installation, and the production stood still for ten days. Due to close communication and detailed planning, FlexLink managed to fulfill the customer’s expectations.   

Doubled their volume  

This investment has led to a factory that today produces double the volume without compromising on capacity, hygiene or flexibility. The factory has a high accessibility through robust and safe transport solutions, and the staff can vary products and packaging types in the same system using minimal conversion. Last, but definitely not least, the cleaning process has become both effective and safe, giving an even and satisfying result. With this investment, the future for the customer looks brighter than ever!