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News archive


New palletizing solution

FlexLink’s collaborative robot solution gets positive response at PPMA Total Show 2016.
Over a busy three days, FlexLink carried out live demonstrations, showing the ease at which manufacturers can install and manage their own programs for end-of-line palletizing with set up time being as little as 20 minutes. From food to beauty product manufacturers, FlexLink spoke with a large range of businesses about the opportunities the robot solution presents for high-end factory automation in terms of flexibility, time of reallocation and the cell’s small footprint.

Andy Howson, Sales Manager for FlexLink Systems Ltd comments, “We received a really positive response at the show, illustrating where manufacturing in the UK is potentially heading, with operators working more closely alongside robots. It’s exciting to see this product innovation and the opportunities it could present for factory automation.”

Clean production

In addition to factory automation, the topic of clean production processes within the food industry is also high on the agenda. Designed specifically for hygienic environments, FlexLink displayed the hygienic wide belt conveyor (WLX) adhering to EHEDG guidelines and setting new standards for cleaning results in the food and personal care industries.