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Controls system

The FlexLink standardized controls system ensure easy, consistent, speed control and line management which improves your efficiency by synchronizing and optimizing your line.

Flexible, easy to adapt and expand

The standardized controls system is flexible and easy to adapt and expand for new systems or existing lines. This gives you minimal programming of functions which improves your engineering efficiency as well as a fast and easy installation.

The system has a humane machine interface and visualization system for the operator and maintenance team which identifies and gives information on errors in real-time.

  • Gives the opportunity to manage product availability through dynamic balancing for optimal machine and line utilization.

  • Creates back-log for optimal product flows

  • Synchronizes line speed with machine speeds

  • Decreases you risk by simulation and emulations of the whole system.

FlexLink controls system supports PackML (Standardized Packaging Machine Language).


We design the retrofit system based on recordings of actual production data and analyze the processes, including a cost-benefit calculation, in order to set new targets together with the customer.

Modernization and optimization

The retrofit includes an extension/ modernization of the mechanics and controls system as well as an implementation of the improvements and trainings for the operator and the maintenance team.

Qualified local contact

FlexLink’s global support ensure you always have a qualified local contact. The support cover all phases, from pre-study to realization. The concepts are optimized to our conveyor systems and handling functions.
  • Delivery of turnkey solutions assure trouble-free implementation and fast return of investment.