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Robotic palletizing

The RC10 from FlexLink is a standardized palletizing cell, designed to gently palletize your products with consistent quality and precision.

Safe and reliable working alongside your operators, the robotic system palletizes clean, square-shaped carton boxes from a fixed picking position. Configuration layouts for the robot are created and changed simply using the tablet application program, with no need for complicated programming or ongoing training.

Operator safety

Ensuring operator safety and reducing injury risk is key in any industry; the collaborative robot allows for safe palletizing alongside operators, without the need for fencing or caging. Should an operator come in touch with the robotic arm, the robot will automatically stop, reducing the risk of operator injury.

FlexLink conducts extensive third-party testing for the robotic palletizing system and follows ISO standard TS 15066 for collaborative robots, instilling confidence in your operators that they can work safely in conjunction with the robotic palletizing system.

Compact and flexible

In comparison to industrial robots available, the RC10 takes up to 50% less floor space. This gives you more production line space and facilitates better floor access for your operators. Thanks to the docking station design the robotic palletizing system also allows for maximum flexibility, intended to be moved with ease across the production line as needed.

Without complicated programming, the robotic palletizing system can simply be plugged in and it’s ready to go. No need for programming adds to its flexibility throughout your production facility.

Our standard collaborative robot system is designed to palletize square-shaped boxes, based on the pattern created by the operator from the tablet application. However, where this standard solution may not fit, with over 450 robotic installations worldwide, of which 300 have been collaborative, FlexLink has the knowledge and experience to create customized installations, working with you to deliver the right palletizing solution.

Whether your production covers multiple products, or you need palletizing of heavier goods, FlexLink can help.

Options and technical specification

  • Single palletizing unit, with a maximum load capacity of 8 kg per box.
  • Load capacity of 8 boxes per minute.
  • Power options of 110V or 230V.
  • Built-in vacuum pump, no external air supply required.
  • Conveyor height options: 700, 744, 774, 818 and 862 mm.
  • Four standard configurations of infeed
    conveyor (left, center-left, center-right or right).
  • One electrical cabinet for the conveyor and collaborative robot.
Line design and layout

Use FlexLink’s Design Tool to create your production line layout, including the robotic palletizing system, and get preliminary validation of the capacity from the in-built simulation program.

End of line palletizing
End of line palletizing

  • FlexLink offers a complete product handling capability throughout the production process, including the requirement to palletize the products.