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Pre-studies and simulations


Our extensive knowledge of processes comes from over 35 years of working closing with machine manufacturers and producers in a wide variety of industries. Identifying customer needs, mapping value streams, creating optimized flows and solutions are all integral parts of our approach to manufacturing.
We apply a lean philosophy, helping our customers achieve continuous improvements in line with the PDCA methodology, which helps ensure shortest possible ROI and successful implementation.
• Plan - Identify problem and define solution
• Do - Test the solution
• Check - Measure the result of the test
• Act - Take appropriate actions on the results
Our model supports a complete life cycle, and thereby sustainable approach, as it considers not only the initial investment, but also the full service life of the line.


Simulating your future production line enables you to optimize and verify system capacity. During simulation, it is possible to create alternatives based on the simulation model, gain insights, perform What-If analyses, identify bottlenecks and avoid costly mistakes.
With a simulation model we can optimize an existing or future layout. Once the model is in place trying out alternative solutions cost nearly nothing. So why not try new, innovative ideas that never would have been tested in a real production?

At FlexLink, we use our own simulation tools along with third-party software to ensure the most accurate conclusions.