An automated dairy production flow

Three production lines had to be connected and balanced, ending up at one palletizing cell in narrow floor space.

An automated dairy production flow

The constantly increasing demand for the company’s famous dairy products resulted in the need to invest in new modern high-efficient packing machines and a fully automated system of transportation and palletizing. The change of the production line layout required a detailed analysis of the processes. FlexLink designed and delivered the conveyor system, including a centralized turnkey palletizing cell with labeling and wrapping.

A product flow challenge

The system had to handle and balance three production lines at different speeds: the Cream line, Kephir line, and Quark line. The limited floor space and requirement for an easily cleanable solution made it even more challenging. The last part of the system, the robot cell, had to operate at 80 trays per minute and handle empty and full pallets, wrapping, and labeling. The facility was in a minimal floor space where you usually would use several palletizing cells to reach the capacity targets.

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The solution was an automated production flow system based on the stainless steel conveyor, X85X, and a high-performance, centralized palletizing cell.

The conveyor system picked up the three product trays simultaneously, balanced the flow, and transported them to the palletizing cell. The cell operated at a speed of 38 pallets per hour, handling empty and full pallets, labeling, and wrapping. The conveyor system simultaneously picks up three different product trays, balances the flow, and transports them to the palletizing cell. The cell operates at a speed of 80 trays per minute and handles both empty and full pallets, labeling and wrapping.